The Science Behind Cabbage

The Science Behind Cabbage

There are several scientific studies that show benefits of using cabbage leaves topically to alleviate joint pain and inflammation. One study published in the "Journal of Clinical Rheumatology" in 2010 investigated the effects of cabbage leaf wraps in individuals with knee osteoarthritis. The research found that these wraps did provide a reduction in pain and improved mobility for participants. Another study published in "Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice" in 2016 explored the use of cabbage leaf poultices in patients with knee osteoarthritis, finding a decrease in pain levels and increased quality of life in the participants. 

Instead of having to prepare cabbage leaves to treat your joint pain and inflammation, why not try our cabb dab unscented or with menthol--you will get all the benefits of cabbage without having to prepare the leaves first. Also, you will not smell like cabbage--we have an unscented balm and one with a light menthol scent. Try cabb dab today for all of your joint pain and inflammation needs! 

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