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Why cabbage?

For centuries people around the world have used cabbage leaves for inflammation and pain relief. Now cabb dab offers you all the natural benefits of cabbage leaf extract (brassica oleracea capitata) in a smooth easily absorbed cream formulation. Harness the healing power of cabbage today!

  • 100,000 ppm of cabbage leaf extract in every tube
  • Cabbage leaf extract contains natural inflammation-fighting phytonutrients
  • All natural vegan formula--choose unscented or with cooling menthol
  • Created by an orthopedic surgeon for you
  • Massage onto painful or swollen muscles and joints as needed for relief of pain and inflammation
  • Helps calm skin after brusing or sunburns
  • Use unscented cabb dab for breast engorgement relief instead of cabbage leaves


"I was post an incredibly invasive surgery...

"I was post an incredibly invasive surgery. I was bruised over the entirety of my back and sides. I began using the unscented relief balm 3 weeks post op, and within 3 weeks my back was completely free of any bruising! I was amazed at how well this product works. Even my surgeon could not believe how quickly my bruising went down! I am completely free of any bruising now, and the swelling has gone down significantly. I will recommend this product to anyone who asks! It's a top notch product and cannot recommend it enough!" -Jola

I have pain in my knees and sometimes a difficult time getting around...

"I have pain in my knees and sometimes a difficult time getting around. Cabb dab is the only thing that has worked to get me moving pain free again. I love that it's all natural and I can apply it as often as I need it." -Janusz

"My daughter is a high school hockey player...

"My daughter is a high school hockey player and cabb dab is the only thing that works to get rid of the bruising on her legs. She is happy she can wear skirts again!" -Laura

"I love the way the menthol cools...

"I love the way the menthol cools a bit while the cabbage works on the swelling." -Anna

"My knees don't hurt anymore...

"Juz kolana mnie nie bola!" ("My knees don't hurt anymore!") -Zbyszek

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Interview about cabb dab
  • muscle and joint pain

    massage cabb dab relief balm as needed on muscles and joints that are sore, swollen or painful from everyday activities or from arthritis

  • post-workout soreness

    rub cabb dab on your sore muscles before and after your workout to limit soreness and inflammation. Works great to lessen brusing from sports, surgeries and accidents.

  • breast engorgement

    massage unscented cabb dab on your breasts to limit pain and swelling from breast engorgement or clogged ducts--a great alternative to cabbage leaves