Latest Radio Interview About Cabb Dab Relief Balm

Interview on Polish Radio 103.1FM from January 15th, 2024 

(translated from Polish to English) 


Interviewer: Today we are again visiting the office of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Sokolowski and we will talk to Mrs. Jola, one of the managers. Good morning, Mrs. Jola. 

Jola: Good morning. Happy New Year everyone.  

Interviewer: I would like to remind you that, is the internet webpage where you can order cabbage ointment. And we will talk today about what compelled Dr. Sokolowski to make an ointment containing cabbage leaf extract. 

Jola: Dr. Sokolowski is an orthopedic surgeon who has over 20 years of experience in his field and over the years working as a doctor he noticed the great medicinal potential of cabbage leaf extract. It is known that cabbage has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are undeniable. He decided to focus on making a product that would bring patients good results not in the context of an operation but for everyday use and for anyone to use. 

Interviewer: I recently gave cabb dab as a holiday present to a friend who had pain in the joints of her fingers and she called me after about two weeks and told me it works.

Jola: Yes, it works, it works. Most of our patients are polish, they bought cabb dab as Christmas gifts, sent the product to Poland and now we are getting lots of phone calls from our patients that their parents or others who received cabb dab in Poland are thrilled. 

Interviewer: We massage the cream into painful areas, for a week or two, we give ourselves this much time

Jola: Yes, we have to give it a little time.

Interviewer: And the pain disappears. Tell me a little more about cabb dab relief balm. How does it work and how should we use it?

Jola: Cabb dab relief balm is a balm made with cabbage leaf extract, containing anti-inflammatory, analgesic, regenerative, and anti-fungal properties. You can use cabb dab relief balm to treat many different ailments, especially inflammation on the skin, rheumatic diseases, eczema, various burns, bruises, and swelling. It’s also very good for nursing mothers to treat inflammation of the breasts when nursing. It really has wide, very wide applications. 

Interviewer:, Cabbage was used by our grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and ancestors for swelling, but that doesn’t mean that that’s the end of it because there is research being conducted and what does the latest research show? 

Jola: Recently, a group of doctors from Rush University published an article about the medicinal effects of cabbage leaf extract and other cruciferous vegetables. The article is supported by many other research articles that show the cabbage 100% has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, so we are sure that our product is really effective. 

Interviewer: The cabbage leaf extract is in the tube, which is highly efficient and does NOT smell like cabbage (laughing). 

Jola: no, it absolutely does not. 

Interviewer: So, in one word, it’s useful to have cabb dab relief balm at home., Because it is nothing but cabbage leaf extract in a tube in the consistency of a cream, yes?

Jola: Yes, it is. You couldn’t have said it better. 

Interviewer: Please tell us how to use the ointment?

Jola: We massage it into areas that hurt and we can use it without limit, because it is all natural. 

Interviewer: It is very efficient.

Jola: It’s very efficient and we just massage into areas that need relief. 


Jola: We have two types of ointment. The first is an unscented version, which is great for people who are sensitive to scents. The second contains added menthol which gives a cooling effect. Those who like to feel an effect on their skin, I suggest that the ointment with menthol would be better for them. Additionally, the cabb dab ointment with menthol should be kept in the fridge for added cooling effect. 

Interviewer: We fell unfortunately, we twisted an ankle, and before we are able to see the doctor, we can massage in this ointment while we wait.

Jola: This ointment is like a helping hand. 

Interviewer: So, we should keep it handy at home.

Jola: Yes, we should keep it handy at home. 

Interviewer: Especially because the price is very attractive. Please tell us where we can buy it. We know we can buy it on the site

Jola: Yes, on the site, it’s worth it to go on the site because there are great offers, you can buy these ointments in 3-packs. The prices are better if we buy a 3-pack. We can also order this ointment by calling the number 630-364-6381. 630-364-6381. We also have this ointment for sale in many polish pharmacies. 

Interviewer: It’s worth noting too that delivery is free within the whole of the United States. The phone number again for those of you listening who are not comfortable using the internet is 630-364-6381. It’s a difficult number to remember. Let’s say it again.

Jola: 630-364-6381

Interviewer: Thank you, we were visiting Dr. Mark Sokolowski’s office, where you can also come and buy cabb dab relief balm

Jola: Yes. The address is 1755 North Harlem in Chicago. 

Interviewer: Thank you. We were talking with Mrs. Jolanta. 

Jola: Thank you very much.