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Cabbage: The Versatile "It" Food

Did you know how versatile cabbage can be? Here are some examples of how cabbage is becoming a popular and versatile food:

  1. Cabbage Steaks:

    • Cabbage steaks have become a trendy alternative to traditional meat-based steaks. Sliced into thick rounds, brushed with olive oil, and roasted to perfection, cabbage steaks offer a hearty and flavorful option for both vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Try this recipe by Well Plated
  2. Cabbage Wraps:

    • Cabbage leaves are being used as a healthier alternative to tortillas in wraps and tacos. The sturdy and flexible nature of cabbage leaves makes them an ideal vessel for holding various fillings, from grilled vegetables to spicy tofu.
  3. Cabbage Rolls:

    • Cabbage leaves are being rolled up and stuffed with a variety of delicious fillings, such as rice, quinoa, mushrooms, and lean proteins. Baked in tomato sauce or broth, cabbage rolls have become a comforting and nutritious dish enjoyed in many cuisines.
  4. Cabbage Sliders:

    • Cabbage leaves are being used as a carb-conscious replacement for burger buns. Grilled or steamed cabbage leaves encase a flavorful patty, offering a lighter and refreshing take on the classic slider.
  5. Cabbage in Asian Cuisine:

    • Cabbage has long been a staple in Asian cuisine, but it's gaining new popularity with dishes like Korean-inspired cabbage kimchi, a fermented and spicy cabbage condiment that adds a punch of flavor to various dishes. Here's a recipe a delicious recipe that incorporates kimchi: Korean tofu soup
  6. Cabbage Salads:

    • Cabbage is taking center stage in salads, often shredded and mixed with other colorful veggies to create vibrant and crunchy coleslaw variations. Cabbage salads are not only delicious but also provide a satisfying crunch that has become a sought-after texture in salads. Try the recipe from our The Everything Cabbage Blog: The Best Cabbage Salad
  7. Cabbage Smoothies:

    • Yes, even in the world of smoothies, cabbage is finding its place. Blended with fruits, yogurt, and other greens, cabbage adds a nutritional boost without overwhelming the flavor profile, making it a surprising but welcomed addition to the smoothie scene. Make this Healthy Cabbage Smoothie for a healthy dose of antioxidants, especially during cold and flu season. 
  8. Cabbage Chips:

    • Move over potato chips; cabbage chips are gaining popularity as a healthier snack alternative. Thinly sliced cabbage leaves are seasoned and baked until crispy, offering a guilt-free and flavorful snack option. 

These examples showcase the versatility of cabbage and how it's being embraced in various culinary traditions and modern food trends. Whether it's taking the place of traditional ingredients or being used in innovative ways, cabbage is proving that it can be the star of the show in a wide range of dishes.

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